Customer Care is Our #1 Priority
Customer Care is Our #1 Priority


Tools & Accessories

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X-ACTO #2 Blade is a medium weight blade designed to cut through medium density materials while maintaining an exceptional level of precision. View More View Less

The best quality adhesive is the one that is enriched with high-end non-metallic ingredients, mostly are the glue elements that can easily be applied to a surface. These can be applied on both the surfaces for the best binding. Being applied at both sides it provides the strong bond between distinct products, helping in avoiding any kind of separation. SF Plastic being a renowned adhesive manufacturer can provide you with the best quality of these products. View More View Less

Characteristic of best quality application fluid is moreover determined in terms of their ability to be used with the hydraulic applications. These fluids have various applications for various purposes. Best qualities of these fluids are used with the airplanes. From mechanical perspectives, these are mostly used for the reduction of friction level. Be it about adhesion or application fluids, we at SF Plastic can be the exclusive destination for all. View More View Less

We are deliver high quality plastic scratch remover products in marketplace. Needless is to say how much the cleaners matter for the proper functionality of any industrial application. Starting from the liquids, amorphous cleaners, to spraying agents, we at SF Plastic can be the exclusive platform for all types of your needs in this regard. Be it about dirt, dust, or stubborn stains; we have cleaner solutions for all purposes. View More View Less

There can’t be an any better choice than mounting adhesive when it comes about integrating graphics with the bold colored substrates. It provides the best class adhesion in comparison to others in such challenging cases. To find the best quality of these adhesives, one may simply reach SF Plastic. We provide the utmost quality pressure sensitive products in this segment. View More View Less

Specialty tape is the explicit form of a tape, known for their pressure-sensitive characteristics. SF Plastic provides the best quality of these adhesive tapes for various applications. Starting from the industrial assembly, applications like bonding, splicing, etc., we can provide you with the perfect material for you. SF Plastic is enriched with high-end standards and technicalities essential for the manufacture of these tapes. View More View Less

Squeegees are the inevitable tool for many industrial applications. This is a tool with an explicitly designed blade made up of sleek rubber; those are made use of for the easy removal or controlling the passage of liquid over even surfaces. These are highly useful for top quality cleaning and printing needs. Industries needing Squeegees can find these tools useful. View More View Less

A trim cap can be essential for industrial purposes. The trim cap is vital for providing the final touch to the channel letters being made at your venture. Using the highest quality trim cap, one can smoothly provide color, brightness, and constructive strength that makes the product look explicit. We at SF Plastic can be the explicit platform for the best quality of these products. Check it out! View More View Less